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Based on Kiara, why are we afraid to love someone too much?

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7 Shkurt 2023

Based on Kiara, why are we afraid to love someone too much?
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Kiara confided to Luiz that she's afraid of loving someone too much, and in fact, it's a situation many of us have probably found ourselves in. Experiences, sensations and experiences are different for each of us, but we give you 4 reasons why we face this fear:

Love makes us fragile

A new relationship is uncharted territory and as such, it evokes fear and uncertainty towards the unknown. Everyone needs time to fall in love and take new risks, in order to trust the other person, or expose even the most vulnerable side. When the barriers we have put up are challenged and can be broken down, it is more common to experience insecurity.

A new relationship awakens old fears

Fears accompany us all the time. They are present in the form of traumas, which originate from childhood to the romantic relationships we have created during life.

When we are disappointed or betrayed, we tend to close in on ourselves, and when someone new appears in our lives, hidden fears and traumas come to the surface. Anger, jealousy, hurt, or the trauma of rejection and loss can resurface, making us afraid to love.

The old identity is challenged

Many of us build an identity based on life experiences and perhaps even the bad feelings we experience. The inner voice that criticizes us, or even the opinion we have about ourselves create an identity that more than helps us, puts us in the comfort zone and when we face the feeling of love, we are afraid to get out of this comfort zone and we know ourselves in another aspect.

We think that with happiness comes pain

Often, when we feel happiness, we fear that things will not go well, and very soon the feeling of joy will be replaced by sadness. Of course, this can happen, but if we sit around all the time and think about how life might go, we won't be able to enjoy anything!

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