Remember these dates, as they are perfect for manifestation

Shkruar nga Anabel

24 Janar 2023

Remember these dates, as they are perfect for manifestation
Getty/Margie Rischiotto

We human beings have the ability to manifest every day, without limit, but there are some fixed dates that increase the possibility for you to manifest faster and make your dreams come true:
February 20

The new moon in Pisces brings more desire to dream. This is the perfect period to program the subconscious to make dreams come true.
March 16

Venus, the planet of love, enters Taurus and this transit helps you manifest love and money.
March 21

The new moon in Aries is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild and seek to realize your greatest desires!
June 1

A very powerful transition occurs, where Jupiter has a finger. New goals, revolution and incredible development...These are waiting for you, if you manifest on these dates.
December 12

Just before Mercury's retrograde, the new Moon occurs in Sagittarius, so aim for bigger goals and make them come true.
December 30

A very interesting date, which serves as a springboard to the success you imagine for the following year.

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