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Ex-CIA Agent Describes Fixed Aliens As You Can Imagine Them!

Shkruar nga Anabel

8 Dhjetor 2022

Ex-CIA Agent Describes Fixed Aliens As You Can Imagine Them!

A former CIA agent shortly before his death spoke about his time working for the organization at Area 51.

He claimed to have experienced real aliens while working for the organization.

The 77-year-old anonymous former CIA agent, who goes by the nickname "Kewper," worked for it from 1957 to 1960.

In an interview with UFO researcher Richard Dolan, Kewper claimed that he was hired to analyze the physical evidence of a UFO crash site and was part of a team that investigated a flying saucer that "crashed and landed in Earth in July 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico".

According to The Daily Star, Kewper also claimed that he worked at Area 51, where he analyzed extraterrestrials and various alien objects that were supposedly taken by the US government.

According to him, many aliens of a spaceship lost their lives and the 77-year-old had the opportunity to do their autopsy. However, he said some of them were still alive.

"We saw aliens in gray color. They didn't look like human skin at all and they were bigger than normal people. The brain was also bigger, the nose very very small. The mouth as well. While the ears were like holes."

In 2014, Kewper's story was tapped for a documentary titled Truth Embargo: The Anonymous Interview .