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These people are proud of these VICES: Where do you find yourself?

Shkruar nga Anabel

24 NĂ«ntor 2022

These people are proud of these VICES: Where do you find yourself?

We all have vices, but there are those who are quite proud of having them. We don't know if you find yourself on the list below, but take a look and let us know later!


"My superpower is that I can love someone very much and be able to not speak to them at all the next day. Even if I still love them. I disappear without any argument, without any explanation, just gone if I put my mind to it."


"I'm very generous even in a careless way. I buy beers at the club even for people I don't know at all. Even when I have no money and I'm unemployed. I like to help strangers even though I suffer the consequences later ."


"People think I play devil's advocate only because I'm able to clearly see both sides of the coin. I know that can be frustrating, but it's my point of view. I will 100% defend people who have right."


"I clean the house when I'm nervous. The more nervous the cleaner the house."


"I get irritated when people make things unnecessarily complicated. It's helped me simplify a lot of relationships for myself. I want to be clear."


"I never forget any kind of detail. Nothing. I'm an asset to the company, but this is a bit of a curse for me."


"I'm very good at cutting people out of my life."


"I function perfectly even on 4 hours of sleep. It's not healthy, but it helps me."


"I'm ready to attack all the time. I guess everyone who comes near me wants to abuse me and I'm ready to defend myself. I wouldn't want to be like that, but here we are..."


"I'm very direct when I don't like someone. I don't think about whether or not they're offended by rejection."


"When I'm alone I'm the best."


"I know how to keep my feelings in. I never express them."


"I ignore everything that is idiotic and irrelevant. And I do it quite openly."

Source: BuzzFeed