8 Signs That Your In-Laws Are Unfortunately *Toxic*

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7 Tetor 2022

8 Signs That Your In-Laws Are Unfortunately *Toxic*

1. They try to pit you and your partner against each other

Communication with in-laws is not the easiest thing in the world, but the relationship with them starts and becomes problematic when they start to interfere in the relationship with the partner. They unintentionally cause problems and confusion between the couple.  

2. Involve yourself in the decisions you make as a couple

They are exactly the type of mother-in-law and father-in-law who meddle and want to know every decision you and your spouse will make. They want to be part of every discussion, even when it comes to your finances or children's issues.

3. They intentionally make you feel bad

It happens that at some point we can all be unintentionally tactless and hurt without knowing that we hurt. The problem lies when this is done on purpose by his/her parents. You can overcome this only by seeking the support of your partner and his understanding. 

4. They don't respect your space

You may have become accustomed to them entering your room and this is not normal at all. Or they want to go out with you on Friday afternoons when they know very well that it's your couple time. 

5. They continue to treat you like a child

Sometimes it's good to be treated like a child, but not always. You are old enough to make decisions for yourself and your new family. In-laws need to know their limits. 

6. They act like you don't exist

Another harmful extreme. If they act cold, do not consider you or refuse to see you or have communication, the best thing you can do is to ask your partner for support.

7. They are manipulative

Emotional manipulation can manifest itself in many ways, but each of them comes with consequences and costs. Being selfish or always unhappy is a clear sign of toxic in-laws.

Source: Bustle