3 Signs That You Are Alone In Your Relationship

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7 Tetor 2022

3 Signs That You Are Alone In Your Relationship

What is missing in many relationships is balance. Which means that one of the partners tries harder while the other doesn't. Is this a one-way connection? Yes, if the partner's desire to try is constantly lacking. How do you come to such a conclusion? 

1. A strange and constant feeling of loneliness

You both have daily commitments, but if you feel that the energy and attention he/she gives you is not on the same level as yours, there is something missing in your relationship. This consequently leads to feelings of loneliness even if the couple spends time with each other. 

2. Lack of intimacy

In such a relationship, in the sexual life of the partners, deficiencies in quality, quantity or both are noticed simultaneously. Sex, if it happens, feels more like homework to be done than an opportunity to bond. Only one of you is 100% involved and clearly feels that for the other, pleasure is not important.

3. The blame game

When one of you is ready to make any kind of contribution to the marriage and the other is not, the involved partner risks shouldering all the responsibilities and ultimately being "blamed" for things that go wrong in the relationship. Consciously or not, the other partner is not burdened with tasks, contributions, etc. by not getting involved in the conflict at all and takes for granted that the fault is the other party's. 

At this point, the decision is yours: Leave or stay?

It's a very personal decision, but it's important to talk about the things that bother you and pay attention to how they respond. You will understand a lot from their answer. 

Source: Psychology Today