How to politely decline that guy who keeps asking you out

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1 Tetor 2022

How to politely decline that guy who keeps asking you out

There are many things in adult life that learn to do well with practice--paying taxes, complicated systems, going to the doctor alone, etc., etc. The one thing that will never come easy to us and only gets more frustrating as time goes by is rejection! To reject the same person several times in a row who insists on meeting us! 

1. Look them straight in the eye

We know that at a moment like this you can see anyone but the person you're about to reject, but at the end of the day, you look better. Eye contact shows that you are direct and very clear.

2. Don't make excuses

You don't even have to tell them you're engaged or busy! These extensions would just cause more anxiety, stress and vain hopes for the person in front of you.

3. Be clear and fair

We can't please everyone. Rejections are embarrassing, but honesty will protect you in any situation. This does not mean that the other person will like your truth, but it is your truth and that's it. You can say, "You've asked me out a few times and maybe I wasn't clear, but I don't want to leave you confused. I'm not interested in dating. My answer won't change, and I hope you respect that. moving forward."

4. Be consistent in your rejection

Keep in mind that you're dating someone you like, and changing responses can be more hurtful than the rejection itself. If it's "no" it should be "no". Don't leave them in doubt! 

5. Don't feel obligated to take responsibility for their feelings

It is understandable that rejecting someone can make you feel bad, but you are not responsible for other people's feelings. You are alone in your feelings and responses. 

You are both adults and adults are supposed to be able to manage their frustrations. 

6. Don't be afraid of "not being nice"

The most important thing to remind yourself? If someone is not respecting your boundaries, verbally abusing or threatening you after a rejection, you have no obligation to be nice to them. The type of rejection response should be based on the person in front of you.

7. Practice some barriers in the future

To avoid such awkward situations as much as possible, keep some kind of distance. This would not give space to the other person to insist on seeing you from time to time. At the end of the day, remember that you have every right to say "no" - and it's a complete answer.

Source: Bustle