Do we gravitate towards people who resemble our parents?

Shkruar nga Anabel

1 Tetor 2022

Do we gravitate towards people who resemble our parents?

According to experts, yes! While there are many factors that influence the people we are attracted to, we are generally attracted to people who remind us of...our parents! 

Before you panic, don't get us wrong. Experts do not say that you withdraw from your parents. They say that, consciously or not, you seek from your partner what you saw when you were a baby or during your childhood - the model of your parents or those who took care of you.

According to them, we tend to look for those who resemble the people who formed our first impressions, who influenced the formation of our personality, for better or worse. The nuclear family is the first contact that helps you develop and perceive what is healthy, what is not, which path is safer than others, etc.

The images and people we interact with during the first years of life seem to have a lifelong impact on the partners we choose.

So, whether it's your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings or other caregivers who taught you how to interact with the world, they will very much be the role models you want to mirror in your partner. Your attraction is more than just your sexual desire towards someone. You look for traits in a partner that reflect your values, which are strongly influenced by family.

Source: Cosmopolitan