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It's Getting Dark Now: How to Avoid 'Seasonal Depression'

Shkruar nga Anabel

23 Shtator 2022

It's Getting Dark Now: How to Avoid 'Seasonal Depression'
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Experts claim that mood swings during a certain period of changing seasons can be a symptom of an actual medical condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

During this time, you may have feelings of sadness and feel melancholy. You may "experience feelings of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing cold or weather changes."

However, below are 6 ways to improve the situation somewhat:

1. When you're not feeling well, start increasing your blood circulation

In other words, one solution to get rid of cold boredom is to exercise!

In fact, exercise is also a cure for feeling happier.

That's because moving your body (even just a little) will help improve your overall stress hormones, which in turn, will make you feel a lot better.

- You can start with moderate exercises.

- Try brisk walking, jogging or cycling and try to create a simple daily routine in the comfort of your home.

2. Stay warm during cold days

This can reduce the symptoms of SAD. Having a cold can affect your mood, making you feel more irritable.

- Let the sun's rays in during the day to warm the house.

- Drink warm teas.

- Keep the curtains closed at night.

- Mbuloni dyshemenë me tapetë komod dhe mbulohuni mirë gjatë natës.

3. Përmbajuni një rutine gjumi të shëndetshme

Të qëndrosh në shtratin e ngrohtë mund të duket si zgjidhja perfekte, por ekspertët sugjerojnë të mos e ndryshoni rutinën tuaj, ose ta ndryshoni vetëm për ta përmirësuar atë.

- Programoni një kohë para-gjumi: Lejojini vetes 20-30 minuta për t’u relaksuar çdo natë para se të flini.

- Në momentin që flini dhe zgjoheni kur ju planifikuar, jepini vetes “çmime” të vogla, si për shembull, një ditë dedikuar vetëm vetes suaj.

- Flini çdo natë në të njëjtën kohë dhe ngrihuni çdo mëngjes në të njëjtën kohë, madje edhe gjatë fundjavave.

- Pas orës 3 të drekës, mos flini pasdite dhe gjatë ditës, mos flini më shumë se 20 minuta.

4. Provoni të ngrohni stomakun

Salep, kako e nxehtë, kafe, çaj, capuçino, të gjitha funksionojnë kaq mirë.

5. Consider “light therapy”

Loss of sunlight can interfere with brain chemistry and cause a decrease in dopamine and vitamin D levels. Sunlight is one of the most important ways to combat the "autumn blues."

- Spend as much time as possible in natural light and let light into the house.

6. Use vitamins

The cause of your unstable mood or exhaustion may well be a vitamin deficiency. Your body needs the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.