You want to cry and you can't cry? That's why

Shkruar nga Anabel

23 Shtator 2022

You want to cry and you can't cry? That's why

You may have been turned down by a romantic partner, or lost a job you didn't want to lose for anything in the world. Maybe you lost a girlfriend recently or you're just living in a difficult emotional period. First you should know you're not alone. Second, we have an answer if like many others you have the same difficulty: You want to cry, but you can't cry!

Although it is not experience that gives you pleasure, crying is a liberating process, but there are people who, despite wanting to do so, cannot. Why?

1. Emotional trauma

If you've had a traumatic history in life, you may have problems expressing sensations. According to experts, from the moment someone experiences psychiatric trauma, they may lose the ability to cry. It is a kind of protective mechanism that uses unpleasant sensations, consciously or not.

2. Your personality type

They have people at least in experiments who have shown that they have not developed empathy or display emotions in response to art, beauty or nature. They are cold, rational and have difficulty expressing sensations.

3. Antidepresantët

According to some studies, some of the most commonly used antidepressants are responsible for reducing tears. Although used to treat anxiety and depression, these medications can make the patient feel numb. This side effect can improve or disappear altogether when the dose is lowered or you give up the drug.

4. Depression

For some, this can be confusing because we often link depression to more frequent crying than usual. In fact, one of the signs of depression is the sensation of decay more than that of sadness. Feeling empty, melancholy or thinking you don't find pleasure in anything in life, you suffer within yourself and it becomes harder and harder to express that through tears.

5. It could be a disorder

This is a rarer factor, but it may exist as a possibility. Sometimes the tear ducts block and stop their production. It causes drought and therefore you can't cry.

6. Outdoor environment

Some people control themselves so much not to cry that they find it impossible to do so even when they feel it more than necessary. This especially applies to men, who according to an average cry 1 times in 2 months, while women from 2-4 times a month. Culture, childhood environment, individual, gender changes, society norms, etc. also affect the impossibility of crying.

Burimi: Psychology Today