10 signs that you are a hopeless romantic

Shkruar nga Anabel

17 Gusht 2022

10 signs that you are a hopeless romantic

From the fact that you feel every love song, or cry at romantic movies, to the phrase "I would do anything for love", these 10 signs show that you are a hopeless romantic:

You are obsessed with romance

Can't live without romantic movies or books? If this is the case and you have fallen in love with a fictional character quite a few times, then, with much love, we say that you are a romantic!

Believe in love at first sight

You believe and have experienced love at first sight, you also feel a very strong and true connection with the person who is lucky enough to be in your heart. This is one of the signs that yes, you are a hopeless romantic and that makes you so special.

The sentence "this/this is the right one" is common

Romantic people choose to romanticize their lover.

Give more than you get

One of the most important signs that you are a hopeless romantic is that you always find yourself giving love, care and empathy, while not always getting it back.

You are optimistic

Optimism and the fact that you see the glass as half full are among the best qualities you have.

Ignore the red flags

You tend to ignore red flags in people because you see them through the lens of love and kindness.

You have been labeled as "sensitive"

It's not the best epithet, but actually, you express love and are touched when you are hurt. Accepting emotions is always the right way.

You are fans of weddings

You are dying to attend or plan weddings, because for you, it is the most important step of love.

Well, you're not a fan of borders

Always being close to your loved one, making phone calls, 200 questions... Yes, we are describing you...

You would give up everything for love

If it's about pleasing or surprising your soulmate, you'd cancel plans, trips, and anything that gets in the way of showing him/her how much you love him/her.

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