He can hide it, but his body language gives it away: the signs that he really likes you

Shkruar nga Anabel

6 Gusht 2022

He can hide it, but his body language gives it away: the signs that he really

Who said men are simple? Sometimes they are so complicated that they even give indecipherable signals. But body language is always ready to show if he likes you.

How do you understand? Through these actions:

He walks beside you

When you walk together, he takes care to pass on the side of cars

It remembers the points where you like to be touched

When he's with you, he's not on the phone all the time

Hugs you for a little longer than usual

If you compliment her perfume, she will only use it

Mimics you in facial expressions

He wants to be informed about the topics that interest him

Take from your expressions

Even if there are a lot of people around, he talks to you like it's just the two of you

He initiates and maintains conversations

His hands are always exposed

His breathing is calm

Find reasons to touch you

He plays with something because he is nervous

He does small favors for you

In many cases, he blushes when he sees you

When he sees you, he raises his eyebrows

They lick their lips in a cute way

He sees your whole face and not just the eye part

Take your breath away when you see it

Walks up to you when you're having a conversation

I touch your knee in a sweet way

I see you very often

When he is with you, avoid noises and others

His voice changes and becomes sweeter

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