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Have you noticed? Everyone is too lazy to ~text~

Shkruar nga Anabel

5 Gusht 2022

Have you noticed? Everyone is too lazy to ~text~
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If you haven't noticed, people are abandoning the age of texting, and it's not because we love new technological advances like voice messaging, etc., but simply because...they're tired!

Sure, there are scenarios where text communication is necessary, but isn't voice communication much more practical these days?

The days of long text messages are over to give way to voice messages. Even with voicemails, people can still feel annoyed.

You may have seen memes that read:

"You're sending me a voicemail, not a podcast, so keep it short."

Between the constant twists and turns of the pandemic, the news overload we get every day on television and in real life, our brains are tired.

Weddings, block parties, picnics and happy hours are back - but our sustainability? Not so much.

The effort it takes to write a message has become a chore. It almost makes you wish you could go back to a time when communication felt spontaneous and joyful. A time when people made phone calls.

The invention of text messaging was initially helpful: having a faster way to communicate has been great, but there seems to be a desire to slow things down a bit these days. In this respect, a phone call seems more enticing: a train of thought that connects us in a way that feels authentic.

And science proves it. A study conducted last year found that while technology in general allows for different means of socializing and connecting with others, talking on the phone strengthened connections between people and improved well-being. In fact, the actual sound of a loved one's voice is very good for our mental health.

For many Millennials and Gen-Z youth, talking on the phone still evokes feelings of anxiety. And for those people, there is the alternative we mentioned – voice messages. This way you give your fingers a break from pressing the phone screen for so long. The best of both worlds, right?

Source: In Style