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Ç'të shkruani poshtë fotove të Instagramit? Ju ndihmon albumi i ri i Beyonce!

Shkruar nga Anabel

3 Gusht 2022

Ç'të shkruani poshtë fotove të Instagramit? Ju
Photo Credits: Bustle

Kanë kaluar gjashtë vjet që kur dëgjuam për herë të fundit vokalin e Beyonce, me albumin "Lemonade", por këngëtarja është rikthyer me një album të ri dhe shumë këngë interesante.

Copëza tekstesh nga këngët e albumit "Renaissance" janë perfekte për fotot tuaja të radhës në Instagram:

“I pull up in these clothes, look so good / ‘Cause I’m in that ho”
“It’s not the diamonds / It’s not the pearls / I’m that girl”
“I didn’t want this power”

“Confident, damn she lethal”
“Might I suggest you dont f*ck with my sis”
“Comfortable in my skin / Feet up above your sins”

“Stilettos kicking vintage crystal off the bar”
“Category: bad b*tch”
“I’m too classy to be touched, I paid them all in dust”
“If that’s your man, then why he over here?”

“I’m in the mood to f*ck somethin’ up”
“Unapologetic when we f*ck up the night”
“Bet you you’ll elevate / Bet you you’ll meet god”
“Come and cuff it, baby”

“Only double lines we cross is dollar signs”

“Bey is back and I’m sleepin’ real good at night”
“The queens in the front and the doms in the back”

“Nobody can judge me but me”
“Church girls acting loose, bad girls acting snotty”
“Must be the cash ‘cause it ain’t your face”

“It’s the way you wear your emotions on both of your sleeves”
“I think you’re so cool (Even though I’m cooler than you)”
“It’s the way you want one more kiss after you said you were leavin’”
“The rest of the world is strange, stay in our lane”

“Talk to me nice”
“Good lord, baby, don’t you ever switch it up”

“Move out the way / I’m with my girls and we all need space”
“When the queen come through, part like the Red Sea”

“Only a real one could tame me / Only the radio could play me”
“Whole lotta texting with no conversations”

“Ass getting thicker / Cash getting thicker”
“She say she on a diet / Girl, you better not lose that ass though”

“It should cost a billion to look this good”

Burimi: Bustle