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Albanians tell about things that seem normal, but are strange

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22 Korrik 2022

Albanians tell about things that seem normal, but are strange

"What is something that people do often that is perceived as normal, but you think is strange?" was the question to our Instagram followers. Here are some actions which according to them are not normal at all.

1. Parties for the discovery of the baby's gender.

2. Having shared social networks with your partner, is it a paid application?

3. To open a social network to the child/baby.

4. Opening a dog or cat Instagram account.

5. I find it weird when they post about how they feel about someone who has died. Grief is a very personal feeling and such a thing in my opinion is not posted.

6. Starting school at the age of 5.

7. When they take out the combination of clothes they made. Who cares?

8. Posting pictures of food.

9. Posting your baby and covering his face with emojis. Either post it or don't post it at all.

10. Super grand birthdays for baby's 1st year.

11. To wish birthday on social networks to people who do not have social networks.

12. The question they ask in shows: "When was the last time you had sex?"

13. Posting selfies with music playing in the background.

14. To name the business after the child.

15. Naming a child after someone who is no longer alive.

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