No embarrassment and worries: How to behave on the first vacation with mother-in-law?

Shkruar nga Anabel

26 Qershor 2022

No embarrassment and worries: How to behave on the first vacation with

When you love someone, you should also spend time with his / her family and relatives. If you are all planning a family vacation together, read this article and you will be sure to be your mother-in-law's favorite.

1. Plan your time

Keep in mind, you will have a lot of conversations with your mother-in-law, so learn what she likes and plan your days. If you are going to get a ray, but your mother-in-law has longed for a visit to the city, submit your wish and the genius idea that you can do both.

2. Avoid sweets

You need some time with the person of your heart, of course. A romantic date by the sea and a cocktail just with it is perfect. As for the mother-in-law, tell her that the place you are going to has only youth and “upsi-dupsi” music and it will leave you alone.

3. Let her feel like a professional

If she is criticizing the way she does things, arranges the bed, or leaves the suitcase, tell her to teach you because you really like her rule. So, you will enjoy it and you will surely get a free organization as well. A mother-in-law who receives compliments is a happy mother-in-law.

4. Do not change the routine

Do not change your and your partner's habits. Always take time for yourself and think of the common good. Also, come what you want and do not think that your mother-in-law is judging you because she is not doing it.

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