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'Giant Tears': What Makes Crabs So Special?

Shkruar nga Anabel

23 Qershor 2022

'Giant Tears': What Makes Crabs So Special?

We are officially in Crab month! Everyone who belongs to this water sign knows how sensitive they are. Better yet, let's say you're some giant tear-jerker, even though your shell is very strong.

However, you are not the only sign that you feel so much. We are all like that, but Crabs with their change of mood feel so much that they tend to immediately change destination as soon as they feel themselves in 'crisis'.

For example, a Crab will never stop showing how much neglect they feel, even though the separation happened long ago.

Those who have dated someone who belongs to this sign can very well tell them how quickly their mood changes. But when someone close to them is having a bad day, their reaction is maximal.

The secret to getting along with a Crab is to tell them that you trust them 100% and that they are wonderful, talented and destined for success. They will become so sensitive, but will reward you so beautifully!

In terms of intimacy and work, a Crab struggles with criticism. We are all human beings and we make mistakes. Your partner's criticism when you mess up the job is very normal when you are in a relationship. It is just as normal for our bosses to point out to us if we are not doing the job properly. All these, Crabs take very personally and misunderstand them thinking that people have resentment or hatred against them. People of this sign give a lot of themselves, but refuse to take and then are surprised that others share with them, or break away professionally.

They experience emotions just as big floods happen. On the one hand, Crabs are capable of alleviating the pain of others and filling them with optimism, even if they themselves are morally depressed.

Princess Diana is the most interesting occasion to discuss the sign of Crab. As we all know, Prince Charles had a very long secret affair with Camilla. When confronted with Diana he told her directly telling her that he was not the only king who had had such a story. Now, if Diana were Gemini she would think he was not worth it anyway and would continue her life with other men many times more handsome. He would take care of her appearance, wear Versace, and live in the princess palace. Something like that never happened!

This is because Diana belonged to the sign of Crab and could never easily overcome her husband's betrayal, so she decided to tell everyone about the way she was treated in that family.

However, this also had its positive side. During this time, the princess used her status to help people in need. She spent a lot of time with her children, with the sick, and in the family kitchen. She broke the taboo by talking about problems with bulimia, depression and all the consequences of connecting with Charles. Like most other Crabs, Diana made people remember that they are sensitive beings and can cry!

The only advice given to this sign is not to insist when he sees that the water is polluted, to accept that life is not always as they would like, to taste the flowers that come out along the way and then learn to leave them to go.