How to take care of personal hygiene after sex

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13 Qershor 2022

How to take care of personal hygiene after sex

Every woman with an active sex life should know that the most important thing to do after sex (up to 15 minutes later) is to urinate. Whether same-sex sex, with a toy or heterosexual intercourse, if you do not urinate after sex, you increase the chances of getting a urinary tract infection, which is very embarrassing and can be followed by a variety of problems.

In women, the urethra is very short and the bladder is very close to it. So during penetration, bacteria have direct access to the bladder.

Some people get these infections more easily, some do not. Women who have gone through menopause should take special care, as the decrease in estrogen levels thins the tissues and makes it more difficult to fight the infection. Even if your partner is very clean, even if he uses a condom, even if he is circumcised, there is a risk. Make sure you always go to the bathroom after sex.

To feel cleaner after all, both men and women, it is enough to clean the genitals with water and a cleanser that does not irritate the skin.

By Dr. Barb DePree, gynecologist for The Guardian