What causes that embarrassing vaginal noise during sex

Shkruar nga Anabel

26 Janar 2022

What causes that embarrassing vaginal noise during sex

It happens that during intimate relationships, the vagina releases sounds similar to body gases and you feel uncomfortable as the partner can be misunderstood. You shouldn't worry, as it's just the sound of the air.

The movement of the penis in and out of the vagina sometimes allows the air to get in and then "stuck" inside, creating that strange noise.

It's about a mass of air that goes inside the vagina, and then because of the pressure exerted in the vagina comes out, releasing a choked noise. Experts explain that these noises can always occur, and it is quite common, as air masses can enter the vagina at any moment.

However, there are some situations in which this is most likely to happen: during stimulation with fingers, penetration of the penis, sex toys, which push the air to enter. When you're excited, the entrance to the vagina expands, making it easier to get out of the small air masses.

When should you see a doctor?

In fact, there's nothing to worry about vaginal gases. There is not even a specific treatment for banning them as they are not considered symptoms or diseases. However, if you have experienced it in other cases that do not involve sexual activity, you may consider an appointment with your gynecologist.

Source: Health Line