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Why it's so wrong to eat only 1 times a day

Shkruar nga Anabel

26 Janar 2022

Why it's so wrong to eat only 1 times a day

Eating 1 meal in 24 hours seems like an impossible mission for some, while some others practice it without thinking twice. The technique of "1 meal a day" is a kind of extension that is said to help you lose weight, but how true is that?

The only truth is that drastically changing your daily diet comes with great disadvantages, and in the end, the result won't be what you expect.

1. Instead of losing, you can gain weight

When you consume only 1 meal throughout the day, your metabolism slows down its work and all the food you consumed will be "stuck" without being properly dissolved.

2. Blood sugar levels will suffer fluctuations

Long time spaces without eating lead to blood sugar levels disorder. Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels) is usually caused by fasting and especially if you suffer from type 2 diabetes. At a second moment you may also suffer from muscle tension that also produces headaches.

3. Your social life will not be the same either.

Work lunches, family gatherings, or birthdays will no longer taste the same. As a result, your relatives will ask you to give up this style of nutrition to restore you to social events again. Besides, you can easily become nervous at every table you find yourself at and the fault is hunger.

4. You may suffer from frequent headaches.

It's the headaches that come from the diet. Commonly known for people who want to lose pounds quickly. Why does this happen? Your blood sugar levels drop, you have magnesium deficits, etc., etc.

5. You're always cold

Eating your reserves so rarely is not enough to cope with the cold. All the energy you have received is used quickly and few remain to cope with low temperatures or hunger.

6. You're eating unhealthy

Thinking you're eating only one meal, you feel good even if you pick a soufflé and close it with so much. This is the biggest lie of this technique as you have a high chance of falling prey to unhealthy options. After 24 hours without food, a broccoli dish is the last thing you intend. The need to feel full passes every other goal in those moments.