Can you get pregnant through anal sex?

Shkruar nga Anabel

25 Janar 2022

Can you get pregnant through anal sex?

Many people choose anal sex for a stronger orgasm and above all because they think of it as an effective way to avoid pregnancy.

But how "safe" is anal sex actually and is there any chance of getting pregnant?

The final answer is no! As you may know, pregnancy occurs when the penis is inserted into the vagina allowing sperm to deport towards the eggs. There is no connection between the anus and the reproductive organs therefore anal sex directly can not cause a pregnancy.

However, it is possible to occur in rare cases if indirectly semen during anal sex deports to the vagina. For the chances of pregnancy to increase, the woman must be in the days of the cycle when her fertility is highest.  

Should you take precautions before anal sex?

Of course yes! It is important to protect yourself by preserving condoms for many reasons, but as the most important we are mentioning sexually transmitted diseases. Be sure to change them occasionally during intercourse to avoid the introduction of bacteria.

Source: Cosmopolitan