How to get rid of electrified hair during cold days

Shkruar nga Anabel

25 Janar 2022

How to get rid of electrified hair during cold days

In addition to the cold, during this time we also have to deal with hair that is electrified every second! It does not matter if you have just left the salon with your favorite comb, the cold will not let you enjoy them, especially if you add a hat or scarf around your neck. 

How to get rid of electrified hair?


First you need to dry them with a towel / sheet to avoid the electrification caused by drying. Before going to bed you can easily pass a comb.


Apply conditioner to keep hair hydrated.


Apply a little of the facial moisturizer to the strands scattered by electrification. 


Wet your fingers slightly with water and gently touch the hair. This will balance the positive and negative charges.


Take a container in the shape of a sprayer and throw inside: water, salt and hair conditioner. Shake the container until the ingredients are combined. The resulting material will be ready whenever you get ready to leave the house.


At least once a week make a mask with avocado or coconut will keep your hair hydrated.

Source: Health Line