What do the 6 most common sexual dreams mean?

Shkruar nga Anabel

19 Janar 2022

What do the 6 most common sexual dreams mean?

1. When you see in a dream as if you or your boyfriend is betraying you

It's time to take notes. If you see this kind of dream, it means that you are insecure about the relationship you have. You need to communicate with each other. Through this dream the brain is telling you that you need to talk about what worries you with your partner, about any doubts you have.

2. When you see that you are dominating someone or are dominating you

This relates to other control problems in your life. Think about work, relationship, and how you feel about the people / things around you. 

3. You in the dream are sleeping with someone who is "forbidden" to you

It is a way for the brain to extract sensations, temptation and process them. This does not mean that you are really going to have sex with your best friend's boyfriend and you do not have to feel bad. It just shows that you have a special and strong connection with them. 

4. A sex scene where you are not performing well

It is very common especially in men who are afraid of the thought of being impotent or insecure in bed. If one is going through a delicate moment in his life (not necessarily related to bed) one can see such a dream. 

5. Sex with your ex

You may think that for sure this is a sign that you want to get back together as he is your twin soul. In fact it is simpler than that. It is your subconscious that brings it back to your mind, especially on dates that have been special to both of you. You need to get rid of any sensations and in the morning forget about the dream.

6. Group sex

This is not necessarily a translation of a sexual fantasy. Humans are social creatures so if you see such a dream, take it as a warning sign that you need to go out there and connect with the world.

Source: Bustle