Some ways the cold affects our body

Shkruar nga Anabel

4 Dhjetor 2021

Some ways the cold affects our body

We are not just talking about low temperatures, but all the ways cold things affect the body and consequently our well-being. The following facts may surprise you, but it is always best to know them.

1. Those who choose to eat cold meals consume more calories

There has always been a misconception that says hot foods have more calories as they tend to satiate you faster. In fact, experts have concluded that those who choose to consume cold foods consume more calories. To be more specific, they consume at least 31% of calories.

2. Our body has a harder time digesting cold foods

When we eat something cold, our body has twice as much difficulty digesting the process. He must first heat the food and then digest it. For example, warm soup will only take 15 minutes to digest from the stomach while an ice cream will take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This does not mean giving up fruits, vegetables as they are good to consume at the temperature they have, but what you can do is keep them in your mouth as long as possible before passing them for digestion.

3. Cold water is absorbed by the body faster than hot

In addition, cold water helps increase resistance in people who exercise daily or very often. In terms of drinking water, lukewarm water will make you consume less thus leading you towards dehydration while relatively cold water is the best choice. 

4. Hot and cold foods raise your body temperature

There is no doubt that hot drinks like coffee, tea and soup can make you feel warm, but at the same time they will affect your body temperature. Ice cream, for example, can make you feverish at first if you consume it on cold days, but it will keep you warm later. This is because the body needs more energy to burn food thus increasing body temperature and making you feel hotter. 

Source: Bright Side