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Tell us the elevator to tell you what's said about your beauty

Shkruar nga Anabel

5 Tetor 2021

Tell us the elevator to tell you what's said about your beauty

Of course all the signs have their beauty, but in this article you will find those signs that produce more grace compared to others.

Arrow-Athletic Bodies and Transformable Eyes

Another elevator that donates beauty is the Arrow. The people with the Arrow are distinguished by the right attitude, a friendly face and beautiful, bright and open-colored eyes. They have an athletic body.

Virgin and Twins – The Ashendents who never age you.

The Elevator at the Twins and the Virgin gives a person a more youthful look and both signs are led by Mercury. They look younger in age than they really are and have small traits. The face may look like a doll and the features are focused. It's common for those with a seat at the Virgin/Twins to have cute, small noses.

People with the Aquori elevator have striking views, but in a more intellectual way, or an unusual beauty.

Capricorn gives them a cold, distant view, but also very classy. We can mention here, Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Naomi Campbell.

Even people with demin elevators – the other sign led by Aferdita – are attractive, but have more earthly, sensual and body views are more crowded.

Source: Elite Daily