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15+ Albanians show what changed in their lives after 40

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2 Gusht 2021

15+ Albanians show what changed in their lives after 40

In a question on Anabel Media Instagram, "If you are 40+ years old, has the way you see yourself, the world, your career, your relationship or life in general changed for you at this age?", The vast majority of this age group answered with "Yes."

Some of the answers, mostly given by women, related to the way they see and define themselves - with more energy, more ambition and more respect. Many of the followers stated that they realized that "there are no young people or adults" and that after the age of 40, "age is just a number that does not define you".

1. I no longer have doubts about who I am and what I want in life.

2. It seems to me as if I penetrate the brains of people, as if I lived in vain until I reached 40.

3. Give the value it deserves to the things that matter.

4. I started new slings.

5. My husband bought a motorcycle, leather sweatshirt and t-shirt with a skull.

6. I am much more tolerant, much more at peace with myself.

7. I know myself better, I know what I want and I feel more energetic, more beautiful.

8. I have more respect for myself.

9. I no longer care, not even 0%, the opinion of others.

10. I have endless references now. If I want to do something, I say, "Wait and see if it works."

11. I know what I want and need to do, without making others feel bad.

12. I feel strangely smoother, with more ambition and desire to improve.

13. I am very free from prejudices.

14. I do not try to change others, but work with myself to feel better.

15. There are no "young people" or "adults". After 40 I realized that age is just a number and does not define you.

16. You become more selective.

17. I do not get carried away by the decisions of the moment as I am more objective in my actions. It seems like coolness, but it just has to do with being realistic.

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