How to make the vagina * even * wetter?

Shkruar nga Anabel

25 Qershor 2021

How to make the vagina * even * wetter?

"Fluid is" just one of the ways in which your body and mind talk to each other, "says Dr. Christine Greves, gynecologist and sexologist. "Sometimes that conversation between brain and body may need a little help to 'flow' properly."

If it usually looks drier down there than in the desert, experts have long recommended artificial lubricants. There are many types!

"When in doubt or uncertainty, water-based lubricants are the best choice. However, they are absorbed very quickly by the skin, so you will need to reapply it, but at least you will not be stressed about greasy sheets." 

However, lubricants are not the only solution. You can also try a vaginal moisturizer, which is especially popular and recommended during menopause, as hormonal changes often cause dehydration.

"If dryness is related to hormones, for example from a drop in estrogen after menopause, people may consider hormonal creams and suppositories," says Dr. Leslie Meserve, gynecologist.

If you are not as wet as you would like to be, you can always add more. Remember that having sex without enough lubrication can lead to cracks, pain, and delicate skin damage to the vulva and vagina. So there is no reason not to help your body when you can! 

Be sure to make every intimate experience better than your predecessor.

Source: Bustle