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What to expect from Crab season

Shkruar nga Anabel

22 Qershor 2021

What to expect from Crab season

We are officially in Crab season. Throughout this season, no matter what sign you are, you will get from Crab energy and feel more connected to your loved ones, home, family and your emotional well-being.

Crab energy can be felt as a transition from the changeable and energetic nature of Gemini to a slower pace shift that allows you to enjoy summer days.

Crab season is a time for family reunion, spending a lazy weekend at your favorite beach. But as the Sun moves through Crabs every year, the Moon and other planets move at different rates and patterns, so you experience this period in a special way each year.

Water signs, Crabs, Scorpio and Pisces, will benefit more from Crab energy. It’s time to take a break and not worry about the future. Pause and reflect on the past.

What to expect from Crab season

Crab season makes you want to experience moments near the house. You can meet a friend who you missed.

The energy of this season can make you get away from the "dramas" and not face them. But fight to get out of the shell and be more open with others. This is a great moment to build deep and meaningful relationships.

In this period, learn to give yourself permission to slow down. Get in touch with your feelings. The period of Gemini has been stimulating, but now that we have entered Crab, give yourself time to process new information and experiences. Enjoy the wine.

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