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People show the moment when 'the cup was full' and decided to resign!

Shkruar nga Anabel

22 Prill 2021

People show the moment when 'the cup was full' and decided to resign!

# 1

Kisha Covid. The boss told me to go back to work and teach at school. If I did not, I would be fired. I resigned.

# 2

I asked the manager for a few days leave because mine was suffering from cancer and she practically told me, "I do not crack at all if your mother is dying.

# 3

I made a complaint of sexual harassment to my manager and the general manager, tore the letter in front of my eyes.

# 4

I was told “I was getting lazy” every time I took a break while I was doing everything and the other employees were drinking coffee with the managers.

# 5

My boss was constantly criticizing me. It had created a kind of challenge with me, so much so that it led me towards an eating disorder from stress and constant criticism.

# 6

After 10 years of work, they hire the person I trained for 6 months.

# 7

My salary was constantly delayed. If I had not asked for them, they probably would not have given them to me at all.

# 8

I realized it was time to leave when the boss told me he sees me regularly on camera.

# 9

I found out that two of my managers at the bar where I worked had bet on which of them could sleep with me.

# 10

They had not paid me for months and when I asked them because I could not pay the rent, they told me: "We are not responsible for your rent.

# 11

The boss stared at me frighteningly. It was embarrassing and working near him made me feel insecure. Ika in time.

Source: Buzz Feed