Choose a hair color that you will try but do not have the courage and find out what it shows for you!

Shkruar nga Anabel

3 Mars 2021

Choose a hair color that you will try but do not have the courage and find out

Your favorite hair color can mean a lot to your personality. If you are thinking of a change and still do not know what color to choose, maybe this selection will help you.

First, choose the color you would like here and discover below what it means to you:


Coffee: You are known for your hard work and determination. You need to always have something to do, otherwise you get bored. You have an extraordinary planning ability and this helps you cope with any problem. You value long-term relationships and are trustworthy.

Black: You are calm, introverted and a little selfish, but at the same time sensitive. Friends see you as a therapist because you give good advice and know how to listen.

Red: You have rarely had problems with self-esteem. You use every moment and you are not afraid to follow your dreams. Enjoy adventures, you are energetic and romantic. Intense relationships make life more interesting.

Blonde: You are a calm and relaxed type with your feet on the ground. You do not worry too much about what is happening around you. Men may consider you more accessible because you are always in the spotlight, but they are wrong. You may have some problems with maintaining a stable relationship.

Indigo: This royal color is in complete harmony with your mind and emotions. You are creative, artistic and balanced. You are not afraid to express yourself and will likely have at least one tattoo. 

Blue: You are calm, trustworthy and peaceful. You have rational thoughts and you think well of every action you take. People admire your kindness and loyalty.

Pink: You are a very expressive person and always in touch with your feelings. You are not afraid to try new things, even those that excite you. You are often the one who sets the trends in society, school, etc.

White: You look cool and not emotional, but this is just a disguise. You may find it difficult to form relationships of any kind quickly, but this type of selection always makes you surrounded by the right people.

Gray: Chances are you're an introvert and sometimes you feel like you don't fit in anywhere. You are calm and try to carefully maintain the balance of life. 

Orange: You are energetic, enthusiastic and a bit like a child. You inspire others and always spread positivity and love. Some may think of you as immature, but they simply do not share the same philosophy of life with you.

Source: Bright Side