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How many couples of the same sign in the horoscope match

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2 Mars 2021

How many couples of the same sign in the horoscope match

Learning that someone shares your horoscope sign may seem like luck, and if you just met, you have suddenly established a bond between you on a heavenly level. The question is: Is someone with your horoscope sign an ideal partner?

All astrology enthusiasts have their opinions and theories and twins passionate about horoscopes, known as "Astrotwins", share their opinion.

According to them, matching a couple depends on the difference between your sign and your partner's sign. Also, for each "distance" there are some good or benefits.

According to the twins, relationships with the same sign are fully applicable, but there are also some obstacles. When you find yourself so much in the partner, it is very easy to think of him as your whole world. In other words, make sure you let each other breathe and each have some time for their own space.

Collision number two: You may notice more often certain vices or negative traits of your partner because you are likely to have those traits alike. For example, a Dash may see a reflection of himself when the other Dash partner becomes all nervous about losing the game, or a Capricorn may realize that the partner is just as perfectionist as he is.

However, it is not so bad if you notice these details. Thus, you will get to know each other faster and accept each other better.

Finally, to learn more about what is written in the stars for both of you, you can dig a little deeper and see the signs of the Moon, Venus and / or Mars. Some astrologers believe that these are clearer signs than the signs of the sun in terms of compatibility.

Either way, do not let astrology become a crucial factor in your knowledge. Astrology is interesting, fun and informative, but it does not have to be a source of stress.

Source: Refinery 29