How to solve 5 of the most common problems of sex life

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1 Mars 2021

How to solve 5 of the most common problems of sex life

Problem 1: It does not focus on your orgasm

If you and your boyfriend have a fantastic relationship when you are dressed, then it means that he is not as selfish as he seems. But then why not care about your orgasm? According to psychologists, he is ashamed. Every woman is different from the other, so it is difficult for a man to understand what works in you. So instead of calling himself a loser, he prefers to do nothing. " 

What should you do?

He needs to wake up. Tell them what you do when you are alone. Most men would die to see their girlfriend masturbating, so do not be ashamed. 

Problem 2: You do not match each other

Sad news from the world of science: A boy's personality has nothing to do with the size of his penis. So if your boyfriend is not as big as you would like, it's time to build a positioning strategy. 

What to do:

Even large changes in body length can make sex uncomfortable. If he is 10 cm taller, choose a spoon position, (he lying behind you) to allow physical proximity or sit on it in a chair and do not take your eyes off each other. 

Problem 3: You are both upset by the same things:

Passionate sex reminds you of the times when you were single and had short relationships, so you do not want to behave the same in bed in a long relationship. Many women think that when they are dating someone special, they should not become too provocative. They think that "dirty" sex should not happen in a stable relationship, and worry about what a good guy would think of them. 

What you can do:

Remove this concern from the brain. You can both have a healthy relationship and sex, as long as there is communication between you. Suggest using new things in the bedroom. You have to talk about fantasy, about things you did not do together. If the whip and skin can shock it, try something softer.  

Problem 4: The bed is for sleep.

If you make no effort to have sex, it indicates that you have a serious loss of interest. First of all you need to understand that different people have different moments and different ways when and how they get excited. According to studies, half of men and women first get excited mentally and then express a desire for physical intimacy. The other half needs to be physically stimulated to get aroused. If the partners belong to the second group, sex risks losing interest because neither partner deserves to take the first step. 

What to do:

Instead of waiting for sex to "come" to you, start bullying each other. Kiss, hug, lick and then decide if you want sex or not. Still nothing? The problem may be in your libido. Libido is controlled by hormones, and one way to "wake them up" is to try new things. Take a trip to a place you have not been to before, or go camping in a mountainous area where there are not many people. 

Problem 5: Sex is not the problem

In many cases bad sex is a sign that there are problems in the relationship. Maybe you are not involved enough in the act because you are afraid of commitment. Instead of confronting the truth, use sex as an excuse. Sex is a reflection of what happens emotionally in your relationship and couples use it to express jealousy, disregard or anger. 

What should you do?

Put sex aside for a while and think about what worries you. Maybe he works too hard, or does not take your feelings into account, or does not get along well with your friends. If you do not admit to yourself that these are problems that need to be discussed together, then you will inadvertently allow these issues to enter the bedroom and sabotage a fantastic sex life.

Source: Women's Health