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This quality of personality is associated with higher longevity: Do you have it?

Shkruar nga Anabel

27 Shkurt 2021

This quality of personality is associated with higher longevity: Do you have it?

Howard Friedman, data scientist, and colleagues (1993) used personality data from 1,178 men and women involved in a 70-year study started by Lewis Terman in 1921. They found that "childhood consciousness was clearly related to survival in old age. "

Drawing on the same data set, Leslie Martin and colleagues (2007) conducted a study of the potential length of time of 1,253 men, finding that “awareness, measured independently in childhood and adulthood, predicted risk of mortality ”.

Margaret Kern and Howard Friedman from the University of California, Riverside (2008) conducted a meta-analysis of the association between consciousness and longevity involving 20 independent samples with 8,942 participants from six different countries. The results showed that "higher levels of consciousness were significantly and positively correlated with longevity."

Recently, Nicholas Turiano of the University of West Virginia and colleagues (2020) integrated data from 44,702 participants in 12 different group studies and found "a consistent pattern of higher levels of consciousness, which predicted a risk reduced death rate ".

So a series of studies that follow each other come to the same conclusion: Conscious people are likely to live longer! If you feel that you do not have enough conscience, do not be demoralized. There is still hope.

One can learn to become more aware through intentional practices. Psychotherapy can also help improve consciousness.

Finally, research has shown that personality in general and awareness in particular can change and tend to improve with age. So, your low consciousness can improve on its own over time, if it has not killed you by then ...

Burimi: Psychology Today