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This vaccine could be the biggest invention of the decade

Shkruar nga Anabel

30 Nëntor 2020

This vaccine could be the biggest invention of the decade

As many laboratories around the world are trying to produce a vaccine against Covid-19, it turns out that the American pharmaceutical company Moderna took just two days to design its proposal.

Recall that for more than three decades, scientific teams have been trying to create a vaccine against a coronavirus, and the fact that the company designed one for two days makes it one of the greatest scientific advances of the decade.

The Moderna vaccine uses m-RNA technology and is based on messenger RNA, a piece of ribonucleic acid that carries information about the amino acid sequence of a specific protein from DNA. In simple terms, we can see mRNA as a USB device that cells use to transfer information from a computer (DNA) to another device, such as a printer (ribosome). Thus, they can trick the ribosomes and make them produce the proteins we want.

While other vaccines take genetic information from a virus and cultivate it in a human cell, the mRNA method simply requires the genetic code of the virus, thus shortening the production process.

This technology is the basis for two of the most advanced vaccines: Moderna and Pfizer. Therefore, if their labs are successful, the achievement will be far greater than just preventing Covid-19. These companies will test the power of technology to change medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Moderna vaccine was 94.5% effective, while the Pfizer vaccine was 95%, according to phase 3 results.

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