What to never do with your face if you do not want to age prematurely

Shkruar nga Anabel

5 Gusht 2020

What to never do with your face if you do not want to age prematurely

Starting an anti-aging beauty routine in your thirties is a good idea, as the best way to fight wrinkles is to prevent them. Certain mistakes in the routine, however, can worsen the skin and become a major factor in the appearance of wrinkles.

Specifically, over-washing the face can be one of the simplest mistakes to make and is exactly what you need to stop doing if you want a fresher and more youthful skin.

Although washing your face is an important part of your routine for healthy skin, if you overdo it, the damage can be great.

Dermatologist Rachel Nazarians explains how excessive washing can damage your skin:

"Most people tend to use harsh soaps to remove natural oils from their body and thus disrupt the ideal pH of their skin. Excessive facial washing can cause the skin to dry out and crack, causing it to become brittle. prone to various infections and inflammations, such as: eczema. It can show signs of aging, such as wrinkles and the first lines of the face.

Excessive washing not only makes the skin dry and irritated, but paradoxically causes the skin to produce even more oil than before. This also increases the chances of acne appearing.

How often should you wash your face?

Twice a day: morning and evening. You only need 20-30 seconds to clean your face.

Excessive washing may seem like a harmless mistake, but it can definitely affect the overall look and feel of your skin if you are not careful.

Source: She Finds