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People online are taking part in the 'check your privilege' challenge

Shkruar nga Anabel

3 Qershor 2020

People online are taking part in the 'check your privilege'

One of the most common challenges on TikTok is "put a finger down" and it is accomplished by lowering one of the fingers, in case the response to a situation - which aims to reveal the "madness" that someone has committed - is positive. . Recently, prompted by anti-racism protests in the United States, a TikTok user, ossboss_bigmamma, created a similar challenge titled "check your privilege."

She told BuzzFeed that she accomplished the challenge based on personal experience and with the goal of enabling others to compare themselves to her. "I know discrimination happens for many reasons, so I decided to 'check the privilege' and not 'check the privilege of being white,'" she said.

Situations relate precisely to normal things in the daily lives of African-Americans. "Sit one finger down if someone has changed course so you don't run into you", "Sit down one finger if someone has pressed the elevator so you don't get on too" are some of the situations.


## duet with ossboss_bigmamma i can't believe there are still people that think privilege doesn't exist

♬ Check Your Privilege by Big Mamma - boss_bigmamma

To create a clear picture of racism, couples of different races perform the challenge together.