It's not his fault, it's his sign: Worst horoscope combinations

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29 Maj 2020

It's not his fault, it's his sign: Worst horoscope combinations

Aries and Crab

Those born under the sign of Aries are unstable and energetic, so Aries does not fit well with conservative and sensitive signs, such as Crab. Although it is said that the opposites are attracted, a Dash-Crab relationship will be really disappointing as these signs have different priorities. Crab’s submissive personality will be found in the face of Aries ’aggressive attitude.

Crab and Aquarius

Although Aquarius' exciting, active life may be attractive to Crab at first, the interest won't last long. The crab will get tired! On the other hand Aquarius will get bored quickly, which will lead to quarrels and any possible infidelity.

Leo and Taurus

These two signs are extremely stubborn and each of them has its own priorities, different from the other. Lions want fame and fortune but a Taurus just wants stability and security. Neither side will let go of the debate and the best that these signs can hope for is mutual respect or friendship. That's all!

Scorpio and Aries

Scorpio and Aries will constantly collide due to their independent nature. Between them there may be sparks in the bed but they too will fade very quickly. Aries is flirtatious, while Scorpio tends towards a jealous nature that will lead him to disbelief and final separation.

Gemini and Crab

Those born in the sign of Crab are sensitive and emotional, while Gemini lacks sensitivity and can be almost brutal when they talk. Crabs are really fragile enough to cope with this and will take everything personal.

Virgo and Leo

The lion likes to spend money while the Virgo saves. Many relationships end because of monetary problems. Leo's extravagant nature will definitely collide with the conservative and calm side of Virgo.

Libra and Capricorn

Capricorn's controlling nature will benefit from Libra's generosity. Although this pair is so opposite, there may be a second chance if both parties really love this relationship.

Taurus and Aquarius

Stop being on time! These two signs are so placed in their path that it will be difficult for one to be involved in the needs and requirements of the other. Bulls want stability while Aquarius doesn’t! Taurus tends to be extremely possessive, which does not combine at all with Aquarius' free spirit.

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