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The fixations you have during sex, according to the horoscope sign

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23 Maj 2020

The fixations you have during sex, according to the horoscope sign


1. Most likely you have gone through a period of drought since the time you lost your virginity.

2. Sex with you lasts longer than with anyone else

3. Most likely you have used a sex toy, at least 1 time!

4. You are experts at pretending to have an orgasm.


1. A good portion of Taurus would consider an open relationship

2. You will give up social media for 1 year just for sex.

3. You love them and are stable in long-term relationships

4. You want spicy things in bed!


1. Decorate the number of sexual partners you have had

2. Look hard during sex

3. You are likely to be still a virgin

4. You would never give up social media for sex!


1. Crab is the sign that makes you have more sex!

2. You like adventure so you want something other than a comfortable bed

3. The preferred position is co√ęgirl.

4. You can find a partner overnight if you want!


1. You can have fantastic sex with someone even through Instagram messages.

2. Lions feel good about themselves when they hear their partner talking dirty during sex.

3. Think that size affects sexual pleasure

4.Hmm, do you want eyes closed during sex or not?


1. Most likely you met a sexual partner at school

2. You are open to threesome sex

3. You can have sex from the first meeting.

4. You are ready to experiment with sexually fluid people.


1. Great dogg-style fan!

2. You don't like condoms

3. Libra masturbates at least once a day

4. You are the most prejudiced sign when it comes to past partner experiences.


1. You want to use handcuffs during the act

2. Buy condoms online ...

3. You are the luckiest sign when it comes to meeting someone virtually

4. The paralysis irritates you


1. Whenever you have sex, you are protected

2. You don't like lubricants

3. Never have sex on a first date

4. Keep doing and having oral sex


1.56% of Capricorns have not been involved in a serious relationship

2. You are a fan of safeguards and make sure they smell good

3. The missionary is the preferred position

4. You can experience more than 1 orgasm during sex.


1. Aquarius, above any other sign are unprecedented in the use of lubricants.

2. When it comes to masturbation, use sex toys.

3. You are the last sign that you would accept a threesome sex.

4. Sex to enjoy in any place other than in bed!


1.27% of Pisces have filmed themselves and their partners during the act.

2. You were most likely in an open relationship

3. You are big fans of vibrators

4. How many times have you called your partner by the wrong name during sex?

Source: Cosmopolitan