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What makes a Gemini woman special?

Shkruar nga Anabel

21 Maj 2020

What makes a Gemini woman special?

Today (May 21), we officially entered the Gemini sign, to stay there until June 20th. Since this whole month is theirs, we are choosing to talk about the girls of this sign. What does it mean to have a Gemini woman by your side?

Somewhere, hidden among those women who make up the Gemini female, is a romantic girl, who is capable of intense passion, if you can manage to make a complete mental, spiritual and physical mix.

A Gemini girl is equal to some women. Her age will be an important key to what you can expect from her, because as long as she matures, romance and love will be just a game for her. It can be volatile and unpredictable to an incredible degree.

Initially, she will almost go into ecstasy from your smile or voice, even from the way you walk. Then she will put aside her ecstasy and criticize everything; from socks to cutting your hair and she usually does it with such ingenuity, sarcasm and sharpness that you may need iodine to heal wounds.

Now, don’t let that make you exclude yourself from the competition for this female. Remember, you will get at least two females in one and this is without question a bargain.

Give her the trust she needs. She will usually manage to keep within herself, her complex character and will not burden you with it. She will be a partner with a lot of liveliness and joy. Most of the time, (when her mood is good), she will enlighten you with expressive personality, entertain you with her clever and sharp words, and talk to you intelligently, for almost every topic that exists.

She enjoys all the sentimental gestures of romance and has no problems submitting. There is no other woman who can satisfy you with the most imaginative ways of lovers and all this with so much charm. She can bang her lashes with femininity and delicacy, but she’s not at all powerless when it comes to earning her living.

A Gemini female can play the role of the dizzying and perfect girl, making a man powerless after he has taken his mind and his block of checks. But she, without the slightest problem, can turn into an adorable housewife and then, just as easily, can turn into a serious intellectual, who studies great philosophers and speaks brilliantly of politics or poetry. Then suddenly it can turn into a package with real emotions, full of nerves, tears and fears. It will certainly never be monotonous.

You will find a very good friend in her. Mercury girl will accompany you in all sports activities and she will show interest in all outdoor sports, despite the fact that she looks gentle and very feminine.

Once you propose to her and she has accepted you, you may feel sorry for all those people who have been sentenced to a life of monogamy with only one woman. You will have several wives when you marry your Gemini.

Adapted from this article , first published in March 2014.