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Tell us the sign of your ex-boyfriend, let’s tell you why they went right now!

Shkruar nga Anabel

8 Prill 2020

Tell us the sign of your ex-boyfriend, let’s tell you why they went right

Getting a message in the inbox from your ex-boyfriend in the middle of a pandemic makes things even more messy! After all this time, he / she remembers right now to tell you something. Ok, quarantine has its consequences, but his / her horoscope sign tells us more about it.


If he / she is an Aries, he is known for his impulsiveness, so he must have just seen the video on Tik Tok and that's all he needs to get your nostalgia back. Astrologers also dwell on the fact that Aries is living a non-family situation in these moments - they spent their birthday alone and this is not at all like their routine. Maybe they’re just writing to you that they’re upset, but don’t think long. You will never know what your ex Dash thought in those moments.


Unlike Aries, Taurus has been thinking about that message for two weeks, hoping it will win you back. As Earth signs they are, they do not easily give up past loves. A Taurus would rather wait for the return of an ex than be the first to make a move. However, if they haven't heard from you in a while, they just miss it and need more hope.


If your ex is Gemini he most likely wrote to you because he has finished all his favorite series, books, memes and now he wants another fun. Usually, Gemini is not very emotional when it comes to relationships. Maybe you’re just looking for an interesting conversation.


Crabs are very attached to people they love or who once loved. They feel they need to prepare their loved ones and friends for all the surprises we are going through. If he / she writes to you now, he / she will know if you are okay or need something. Their support is unconditional.


Your ex-lion may be upset that he doesn't have the attention he deserves or feels alone. In addition to messages, you may be asked to make an appointment on camera. But don't expect too much romance. Lions are known for their pride and do not intend to become sensitive even during periods of pandemic.


As a critical nature, this time will be used to reflect on the past. He / she is thinking about what went wrong between you and will try to talk to you to analyze all his / her thoughts.


Libra will use the message in quarantine time to see that they still have a good relationship with the former. Most likely I will ask if you thought about it or how you felt. He may be upset these days, so he will flirt, but if the conversation continues, you can understand other things.


Scorpio is another sign that does not return to the former easily. They are known for their mystery and discreet nature. They would never write unless they were pushed by something very strong. They may have thought of you for a long time or missed you.


If a former Sagittarius writes to you during this time, it means they would like to be in your company now. They have thought about it for a long time, so listen carefully.


Capricorns are of the opinion that if something hasn’t worked before, it won’t work anymore. It is a sign that when separated, it breaks down emotionally, physically and never looks back. If they want to talk to you, they probably need something and ask for your help.


Aquarius enters those signs that he can write to all his exes, friends or people he once worked with just to know if they are okay. They love each other, even if they have communication problems with someone.


Ah Pisces, incorrigible romantics! They have had a lot of time to think about you so it is a good excuse to write to you.