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Backyard Mercury: The 3 Signs That Feel Its Consequences!

Shkruar nga Anabel

22 Shkurt 2020

Backyard Mercury: The 3 Signs That Feel Its Consequences!

Since February 16, Mercury has entered the background where he will stay until March 9. As you may have heard, no one escapes his energy, though for some, the background comes with more luck than others.

Everyone should be careful with the way they communicate, but these 3 signs will not be so easy.


When Mercury is in the background, all the unsolved problems of the past come to the surface and we don't want to face our fears. You, more than others, are feeling the tension of drama and this fear. Despite these moments, you will be offered an opportunity to break away from the negative circles. If you solve your past troubles now, you will get cleaner and quieter than ever in your season!


Mercury is your ruling planet, so you don't want to feel the effects of the background more than others. Your personal connections will be in the spotlight. Remember that it is you who give others the right to have a role in your life. Trust your intuition and decide who should and should not be part of your circle.


You will feel more stressed than usual during this period as you may be part of some misunderstanding. Background will make it difficult for you to communicate with others because people tend to personalize situations and become more sensitive. Take this time to reflect.