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Why are you still single, say the horoscope!

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21 Shkurt 2020

Why are you still single, say the horoscope!

Maybe not you, it's your sign!


The same behavior - full of confidence and security - that at the beginning of the relationship seemed like the song of a mermaid, will soon turn into something exasperating due to Dashi's egocentric nature. A person with a Dashi sign should lower their ego tones and change their attitude - "I'm the first". He has to make compromises often, if he claims a relationship to last in time.


Don't pretend to be loyal to your partner all the time if you start not caring for yourself or keeping the passion alive in your relationship. The bull sign partners are very stubborn and tend to hold grudges for a long time after the dispute between the couple happened.


If betrayal is a feature in your relationship, it is because the Gemini partner's signature habit has surfaced. Being in a relationship with a Gemini will often make you feel confused, especially if the Gemini partner reveals his personality often. This can cause the partners of the persons who are the sign of the Gemini to run from their eyes when in such a relationship.


A crab sign partner tends to mention some dangerous things, such as marriage and children, at the beginning of a love affair. These people tend to be somewhat clingy, making their partners want to slow down the pace of the relationship, rather than relax in the arms of love.


A Lion sign person argues with his boyfriend because he really cares about her. But if the partner is confused, it can feel like this Lion's sweetheart is constantly looking for battles, which can get tiring over time. A person of the Lion's sign may remain single when the victories of personal battles are more important than the battle to win the heart of someone they care about.


This wonderful creature that you want to ask you to come out of, probably doesn't even believe you might be interested in her, since the characters of the Virgin sign are very shy. Virgins also tend to give up too soon and never call you again if the smallest thing - real or imaginary - goes wrong.


Loving a Libra's life can be a real catastrophe if he or she continues to target partners who are "broken" and need to be "adjusted". In fact, a Libra person may unconsciously seek out people who are bad for him and then fall into the trap of being manipulative or deceitful.


The mystery and magic of a Scorpio can turn into something excruciating for your relationship, in no time at all. Scorpio persons have a "either all or nothing" attitude, which significantly reduces potential love encounters. Some Scorpion partners can become very jealous and controlling, pushing their partners away from them.


Are your standards a bit too high? Then you are definitely an Sagittarius. Of course you deserve the best possible and you do not have to have enough. But rejecting the notion that someone is good enough for you is something that doesn't make you attractive.


A Capricorn can become suspicious and even jealous, until he has full confidence in his partner. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and persistence. The boyfriend may feel frustrated and upset before he can understand the traditional values of Capricorn.


A person with the sign of Aquarius always has an opinion of his own and never tries to hide his special nature. This may be interesting at the beginning of your relationship, but the ongoing conflicts, which Aquarius refuses to put aside, become destructive over time.


Are you still thinking about your ex-boyfriend? If so, you are most likely Pisces. Those with their sacrificial nature can create and accumulate dissatisfaction and also fail to end a bad or failed relationship.

A Pisces sign person can constantly choose loved ones who use it, making it possible for them to remain single at times, due to disappointments in love.