The simplest ways to eventually break the spell

Shkruar nga Anabel

17 Shkurt 2020

The simplest ways to eventually break the spell

What is magic first?

Magic is a negative energy that comes in different forms, in order to harm a certain person. There are many types of spells, just as there are ways to break them, depending on the category.

Can we do magic to someone and not know it?

The spells are done with caste and are well attended. There is no such thing as accidental magic and it is usually done by someone with experience in the field. Curses on the other hand can be less intentional and can be applied when one thinks or speaks ill of another.

What should you do if you are convinced that someone has done magic to you?

The first thing to keep in mind is learning to defend yourself. Then, it is good to know that there are ways that can break the spell without having to go to a professional. There is no need to practice, just follow the indications below and act carefully.

What do you need?

An item, man or place that has been cursed.

A bucket of water big enough to wash away the magic target, or enough water to spray it into the place thought to have been cursed.

Sea salt. The water-salt ratio should be 100 to 1. If you have doubts about the amount of salt you will throw into the water, remember that it is better to throw more than less.

The best time to do this ritual?

During a New Moon, a Tuesday, noon or midnight, dawn or dusk.

Fill the bucket with water. The temperature of the water must be adequate if a person is to enter. Open the sea salt container and keep it slightly. Clear your mind and focus on the words you will say next. Speak them slowly, with great confidence, and use all your mind power in those few seconds.

"In the name of my fathers, the Gods and myself, I call upon the creatures of the Earth and the Water: Come, cleanse (the name of the one whom you think they have enchanted) of all evil and devilish spells, and return me (me, him) balances and health. According to our will, so be it! "

After you have said these, put the salt in the water. During this time it is important to be calm and in a state of meditation. If you think you are the one who did the magic, get in the tub, lie down and dive. Do this for 10 minutes. When finished rinse and remove salt from the body.

At the end you will say the same sentence you said earlier.

"Thank you, the creatures of the Earth and of the Water in the name of myself, my Gods, and my fathers. Deliver them in your homes, doing no harm in your way, and return to me with a glad heart. According to our will, so be it! "

The purpose of this ritual is to cleanse from the evil energy of magic, but if the magic has been too powerful, you need to seek another help because it likely won't do the job.

Other ways?

At dusk, burn a leaf of laurel or laurel leaves in the west to clear the "curse". Then dump it in a natural water source (lake, sea). This way, the flow of water will carry the magic away from you.

Tip: Even if you know who is the one who made you magic and want to get it back, don't do it. Not a good idea as the universe returns to you again. Many people believe in the law of the trio that says what you send into the world will be returned to you three times. If you retaliate against the one who made you magic (thinking you are justified) wait for one day to return. The best you can do in such a case is to break them down in one of the ways above.

Source: Exemplore.