My scary dream came true!

Shkruar nga Anabel

10 Janar 2020

My scary dream came true!

1. One night, I dreamed of my grandmother standing on a hilltop, surrounded by warm, strong light. I woke up at 3:12 am. A few hours later, Mom calls me and informs me that Grandma had passed away shortly after three o'clock. I think in that dream she said goodbye to me.

2. I was sleeping with a friend when I dreamed that someone was staring at me. I woke up panicked and shouted, "Someone close to me is going to die!" I was worried about all the people I knew. For two days, life went on as normal. On the third day, I find out that my cousin was stabbed in the grass after a striker confused him for someone else. Miraculously, he survived.

3. When I was little, I dreamed of being abducted by two men in a store. A few months later, I saw the men I dreamed of in the store and told Mom about the dream. She thought I had seen them elsewhere. A few days later, the men came forward with news that they had kidnapped a little girl.

4. The night before my grandfather died, I dreamed that he was lying in a coffin talking to me. She told me to call Mom. The next morning, I spoke to Mom and told me that Grandpa left us.

5. I once dreamed that my friend went to the mechanic, but he was billed more than necessary. They demanded $ 900 from him when the service was $ 101. The next day, when he went to the mechanic, the bill was fixed at $ 101.