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All the Things an Sagittarius Should & Shouldn't Do This Month!

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4 Dhjetor 2019

All the Things an Sagittarius Should & Shouldn't Do This Month!

Archers mind here! This article is all about them, because as you know we are in their month. So, if you belong to this sign, learn below all the things YOU MUST and DON'T need to do this month!

What to do:

1. Connect more to family history

For many, vacations translate into family time. It doesn't matter if you spend it with your biological or created family, it's important to get back to your roots during the holidays. Asking them about special stories, memories or old family traditions will help you a lot.

2. To devote energy to dealing with a humanitarian issue

You see the clear Sagittarius look, it's one of your powers. And since we're in the season when we give more than ever, save some energy for volunteer work. Help a cause to touch you.

3. Be present and do not be stressed about vain things!

Jupiter, your fateful planet will leave your mark in early December, so you'll feel like good luck just went on vacation. Remember that there is no better recipe than reflection. Take some time off from work and don't stress about other things. Don't check your emails and be more present in your family or friends.

What not to do:

1. Don't put yourself in debt for holiday gifts!

Be generous, warm, and want to make other people happy, but don't get yourself into trouble. Don't make expenses that you can't afford. You can show love in ways other than gifts, so be careful.

2. Avoid family dramas

It can be difficult to argue with the family if there are any tocsty issues to discuss, but if you are going to spend the holidays with them, take things calmly. You don't choose anything by leaving. Avoid dramas and don't criticize.

3. Don't celebrate too wildly

We know your baby soul well and know you have a birthday this month, but wait. We're not saying you should stay home and sleep, but not celebrate too much. Find a balance and keep going! Save some energy on the things we listed above. Take care of yourself and the things to look forward to next. December had surprises for you!