The 6 Strangest Earthquake Rumors

Shkruar nga Anabel

28 Nëntor 2019

The 6 Strangest Earthquake Rumors

"It's up to the kitchens"

"A durrsak told me that it's all the fault of the kittens," someone wrote in @anabel_hostel's inbox. According to urban legend, during a rainy day, the kitchens went out of the sea to escape lightning and were stopped by three dragons to go further. The seismic zone in the Adriatic is known as the "Kuçedra Canal" and is located near the Gulf of Lalëz and the Cape of Rodon.

If it were the fault of these kinks that we do not know how it came out of children's fairy tales and staying in the Adriatic and causing earthquakes, earthquakes would not have happened elsewhere. Reportedly, small magnitude earthquakes have also occurred in Korça, Lezha and other areas of Durres.

So let's leave the story to the fairy tales and not spread such information, which not only misinforms people but causes panic.

"Said one Serbian scientist to blame for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)"

It is about Serbian scientist Velimir Abramovic, Marina Abramovic 's brother. He said the program was responsible for the recent rains. The Serbian researcher is not the only one claiming that the US uses this program for natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. Former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez claimed that HAARP was responsible for the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Indeed, what is HAARP? This program is funded by the US Air Force, US Navy and the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Advanced Research Projects Agency. Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and interfere there by modifying the atmospheric conditions for radio communications, surveillance and various events. HAARP no longer belongs to the US military, but to the University of Alaska, so the question naturally arises: What benefit does HAARP have to us? This program has modified the weather conditions in war zones and droughts, so the benefits of HAARP from Albania are inexplicable. Even in this case, it's a baseless rumor.

"Predicted by Gani Gurguri"

In an interview for, Gani Gurguri said that a powerful earthquake will fall in Albania on November 25-27. Various portals reported that "Ganiu predicted the earthquake" causing more panic among citizens and lowering their confidence in the trigger. In fact, we do not know if it is about media abuse or carelessness, as Gurgur's interview for dates back to 2016. He predicted that there would be an earthquake on November 25-27, 2016. The November 26 earthquake 2019 is just a coincidence. So, once again: earthquakes are not foreseen. Earthquakes are caused by the collision of tectonic plates.

"An Italian told me that the rains caused the earthquake"

Who is this Italian? A scientist or a teenager who has read something about rains and earthquakes and talks without reason? Not known. Yet yes, science claims that rains can cause earthquakes. But the rains of extraordinary intensity, not the local rains of autumn-winter. For the rains to cause an earthquake we must deal with powerful hurricanes and devastating storms.

"There are over 100 mortalities in the morgue"

Another rumor claims that there are over 100 victims in the mortuary, but the government is not making it known. At a time when portals, television, and even ordinary residents have been broadcasting live news from search and rescue operations, it is possible that 100 troops were pulled out without anyone seeing them. Then, if it took more than 10 hours for some people trapped under the rubble, then when and how were 100 victims recovered? What if they were removed, where are the relatives of these victims who report nowhere about their disappearance?

?I saw a green light on the horizon. It was a bomb. "

Bomb for what? Who's the bomb? Why must a green light, which may have come from any object, necessarily be a bomb? The Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and the Environment has proven that it is about colliding tectonic plates and overburdening them.

In mid-April this year, seismologist of the Institute Prof. Edmond Dushi, stated that "Albania is entering the period of high seismic activity".

According to the professor and numerous studies, powerful earthquakes hit Albania mainly every 30-40 years. Prior to the September 21 earthquake and the latter on November 26, the strongest earthquake shaking was that of 1979, with magnitude 7.0, centered on Bar and Ulcinj, which destroyed extensive damage in Shkodra.

The Balkan area is the second largest in the world in terms of seismic activity, and our country, including Greece, Montenegro, Italy and Turkey, is one of the countries where earthquakes are frequent.

Albania is located between the slabs of the Adriatic and Ionian seas, which translates into danger of earthquakes, because during movement, the plates hit each other and cause shaking.

Cities near the dividing line that are most vulnerable to earthquakes include Durres and the surrounding provinces.

We cannot blame people who are scared and find explanations in all sorts of theories, but in a chaotic situation like the latter let us leave the conspiracies for another time, as today more than ever wrong information can have fatal consequences.