Earthquakes Affected by the Earthquake!

Shkruar nga Anabel

27 Nëntor 2019

Earthquakes Affected by the Earthquake!

Since yesterday's (November 26th) tragedy, all Albanians, inside and outside the borders, have been mobilized to help people affected by the earthquake.

In such situations it is very important for everyone to keep calm and be functional so that the assistance is truly valuable. Therefore, we need to know well what the earthquake-affected people really need.

Anabel. al contacted closely with the organizers of the National Theater, whose square has since become a contribution site, where thousands of people have donated. Just yesterday (November 26) from the National Theater was sent a truck with 7 tons of cargo to Thumani, while this morning another with about 3 and a half tons.

Currently, there is an urgent need for:

1.Batanije / quilt




5. Medicines (general drugs such as those for headaches, abdominal pain, tension medicines or other first aid materials).

Contributing organizers at the theater told that yesterday besides goods and food, there were many who contributed in monetary value. all go for blankets and quilts.

Even near Mother Teresa Square, organizers of the "Different Weekend" continue to wait for citizens who contribute what they can. Sources for suggest that only yesterday (November 26th), 10-15 trucks assisted to Durres and Thuman, and this morning as you can see in the video below, groups of people with bags in their hands continue to come to help injured citizens.

You can also donate to the link at GoFundMe, where nearly $ 900,000 has been raised. Popular Albanian names such as makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Anabel magazine, boutique ViaAnabel, model Vildane Zeneli, entrepreneurs Armina Mevlani and Erion Kosovrasti, as well as more than 14,000 ordinary citizens have contributed through this link.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Tirana made Selman Stërmasi Stadium available yesterday evening to all those who did not spend the night in their homes for fear of another earthquake.

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