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Is this the Sagittarius of your life ?!

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22 Nëntor 2019

Is this the Sagittarius of your life ?!

Today, we officially entered the Sagittarius period (November 22-December 21), which means that for a full month, attention is all his. If you have an Sagittarius near you, learn in detail what astrology says about this sign.

Famous Sagittarius sign personalities

Beethoven, Arthur Brisbane, William Buckley, Jr. Maria Callas, Andrew Carnegie, Edith Cavell, Winston Churchill, Noel Coard, Sammy Davis, Joe DiMaggio, Walt Disney, Betty Grable, Grimaldi, Mark Tain, Julie Harris, Pope John Paul XX, John Lindsay, Mary Martin, David Merrick, John Milton, Robert Moses, John Osbonae, Lee Remick, Lillian Russell, Frank Sinatra, David Susskind, James Thurber, Julie Harris.

How is it to belong to this sign?

Archers are usually unmarried. They hate to just sit, but also to stand idly by. The Sagittarius has a prominent physique, even if it is based on apparent faith and disregard for proper behavior. He walks like he's always going "somewhere." There are no stops or hesitations about it.

When you meet an Sagittarius for the first time, he will either be hiking his dog or riding the horse. Animals are his biggest passion. Hunters who have concerns with the animal planet may have a pathological fear of animals, but this is not often the case. Usually, people born under the influence of Jupiter are not afraid of anything. The typical archer is drawn to the risk of sport, work or his hobbies. An element of danger thrills and defies archers. They love speed. Fast cars, even airplanes, attract them like magnets. The average person of Jupiter enjoys more than anything else physical or emotional escape than anything else. This makes them lively.

There is a big difference between being cut off like Sagittarius and brutal Scorpio speaking. When telling the truth, Scorpio is fully aware of its effect, but again refuses to compromise. The Sagittarius is unaware of the effect it causes when his honesty compels him to speak directly. Scorpio feels a little sorry about his statements that cause wounds. For him, the truth is true, and if you cannot bear it, then do not ask. The person led by Jupiter, the Sagittarius, on the other hand, is horrified and heartbroken when he discovers that his words have hurt you.

What is in Sagittarius' mind and heart is almost immediately on his lips. He is just as honest and straightforward as a six-year-old child. You can take the old advice, "If you want the truth, go to a child," and change it to "If you want the truth, go to an Sagittarius."

Very few people can bear the Sagittarius for a long time, as its goals are so obviously harmless. You will see this beloved, likable, intelligent idealist almost everywhere and at any time. It can be that presenter on your screen every Sunday night, throwing careless arrows and leaving your studio guests speechless. It might be your taxi driver on a Monday morning who vividly explains why he hates greedy customers - or you might find him serving you in a restaurant one Friday night and earnestly advising you not to order steak because they are slightly burnt on one side.

Most of the Sagittarius people are really trying to raise your mood. At least, that's what they start to do, but sometimes they can't, they can even do the opposite. I once had a Sagittarius sign manager who tried to boost my morale, telling me that my hair looked more beautiful than usual. While I had a week without combing, I didn't even wash them for days. But he is still a good friend, so you may find it useless to get angry with them. They can offer deeply wise advice when you have had time to analyze their views.

This is a sign of fire, so most of the Sagittarius are open and verbose. There are some that are very shy and timid, but these too are full of original ideas. In fact, quiet archers are those who can dream bigger dreams and aim for higher goals. Closed or open tip, the Sagittarius is an instigator within his heart. His mind is busy even when his tongue is not yet, so you must remember that this sign of the Sun is always there, in the very nature of it; that he will not put you to sleep and be prepared for his next startling act.

Most of the time the typical Sagittarius is happy and sociable, but his patience could be expressed like a rocket in the sky if he is prompted by people who abuse his innate friendliness or create a lot of affinity with him. Rebellion against the authority and things of society is also common. The Sagittarius will never leave a quarrel or seek help. Women may lose their normally pleasant positions and release an unexpected barrage of conversation that will put the trouble makers in their place. Men will use the fists and the weapon of contempt. A rude and insulting person who has challenged Jupiter's good nature often finds himself lying on the sidewalk wondering where the blow came from.

People led by Jupiter cannot bear to be accused of dishonesty. An unjust accusation or a defamation against their integrity will make the indignation reach its climax, but after a fierce display of their temperament, the typical Sagittarius will feel remorse and try to justify himself. He will take your eye off and take you to the hospital, but the next day he will send you flowers and sweets in token of sympathy. Usually, the Sagittarius speaks and acts first and then takes the consequences into account.

Many Sagittarius seek the scene, and no one is happier than he is when he sees an excited audience. He will sing in his own voice or dance without shoes, for the sole purpose of performing. The spectacle business is full of Sagittarius.

There is a strong religious streak in Jupiter-led men and women, especially in their youth. They are intensely interested in matters of religion, but as they grow older they may become skeptical of dogma and tend to question previous beliefs and seek refinement of values. There may very rarely be any Sagittarius who does not have a suitcase ready for travel. They love to travel and have at least one luggage, packed with things that might take 100 trips, ready for immediate use.

You will always notice something from a child to the optimistic, naiveve, courageous nature of the Sagittarius. He refuses to accept the seriousness of life, though some of them manage it with admirable responsibility and conscience in later years. However, they are never really happy when they feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life. Old age is almost never a problem.

His sensitive areas are the lungs, liver, arms, shoulders, hands, bowels and feet. Sagittarius' love of sports and outdoor games can cause accidents during activities. He can rarely stay in the hospital for more than a few days. He gets sick often and usually recovers at amazing speed. Life rarely defeats these people forever. They believe that tomorrow will surely be better than yesterday and today is quite interesting. Poor moods disappear almost before the cloud reaches the sun in the life of the Sagittarius.

Every Sagittarius is a bit of a "plunger" inside him, unless there is a conservative and caring influence on his birth chart. Very few of them can resist without throwing some banknotes on the green table. Depending on the location of the planets to the east, an Sagittarius may risk putting an entire fortune, or house rent money, on the favorite horse racing on the race track. Las Vegas attracts Sagittarius, like honey bees. The same thing happens with the stock market or real estate market. Fortunately, most of them keep their wishes under control, but these too, will again and again endanger themselves in a poker game or lottery ticket.

As for the sector of love, both the shy and the strong archer seek love at all times. The archers are immersed in a romance of love with each other, but they are instantly transformed as soon as marriage is mentioned. They think again about what they are doing, then move on, and though they do careful analysis again they may be mistaken. Although Sagittarius is warm and wonderful in love relationships, it is a little tricky to catch. Symbolically he is "half man and half horse", which undoubtedly gives him the opportunity to lead any chase game, always if he does not stumble on his own feet.

Among the most unpleasant traits of some Sagittarius, I may mention the tendency of violent temperament, love of food or drink more than necessary, which may lead to obesity or alcoholism, the burning sarcasm, or mind-boggling behavior strange and impossible to keep a secret. But none of these traits are permanent flaws. They can be easily eradicated with the Sagittarius' determination.

Archers have a tendency to get out of line. The Sagittarius will take on a great cause with blind devotion and believe that the possibilities outweigh the shortcomings, an attitude derived from his brilliant imagination and forward thinking. He never fails to present his case, with reasonable arguments and cool logic, sometimes addressing his opponents with sharp and content satire to fight. Fire is always ready to ignite when one unjustly attacks his miracle or the cause of the moment. He is a formidable foe because he targets his victim when he focuses on her. His arrows, then, rarely miss their target. They cleverly let out the sharpest blow from their bow.

Although few people born in December are genuinely humorous, it is strange that most of them, when telling a joke, do so at an inappropriate time and aggravate the situation. The audience — at home or in the theater perhaps — will be overwhelmed by Jupiter's sheer awkwardness and jolly spirit, thinking that everyone is laughing at his sense of humor. This can really be a big laugh.

Although the Archers have fantastic memories of past events, such as where they were on April 14, 1939 and may recall every detail of the books they read, they may forget where they left their jackets. Most of them are constantly lost. gloves, car keys, wallets and some rude enough people would mean that Sagittarius people could lose their heads if they were not tied in their necks.

An Sagittarius can never succeed in telling a lie successfully. No one even believes it for a minute. Fraud is unnatural to the Sagittarius and when he tries to practice it, exposure is usually quick and secure. It is better to stumble upon the truth, whatever the consequences may be. Not even his observant and very conscious mind can save him from the consequences of a deception, only if he has Scorpio in his sign.

To the Sagittarius, life is a circus and he is a clown who jumps and makes colloquas dressed in a colorful suit. His face is brightly colored and his eyes glow with curiosity and fun. It does not matter if he is a drawn or courageous type, the true nature of this generous idealist is as enjoyable as the Christmas Eve. Bravely he sticks a rose on his big heart and directs his bow to heaven. As he points straight, he drops the arrow higher than the human eye can see where all the dreams are born.

* Note: Sagittarius general features were written by Linda Goodman, the best-selling New York Times astrologer.