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Tell us the sign, to tell you why you're still heartbroken

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20 NĂ«ntor 2019

Tell us the sign, to tell you why you're still heartbroken

It's been a while since you last split up, but deep inside you haven't healed. What dilemmas do you still have to solve? Even on this issue, astrology has an explanation. The stars know more ...


Your broken heart is not healed because you still hope your ex will come crawling towards you and realize that it was an idiot letting you go. While you may not admit it aloud, the real reason you haven't moved forward completely is because part of you doesn't want it, part of you will wait and see if the person who broke your heart will understand that exaggerated!


You have not been healed of a broken heart because you keep thinking of the beautiful things of your last relationship and they prevail over the bad ones. Your relationship ended for a reason and whether you like it or not, it's over. You probably have a good time together, but you start thinking about the reasons why the relationship should end. Remind yourself why it didn't work. It's okay to remember beautiful times, but don't let fond memories lie to you that connection is salvageable. Memories can last forever, but that doesn't mean the connection should. Some links are temporary and that's ok.


Your broken heart is not healed because you have been waiting for someone else to come to heal it, but true healing begins with yourself. Your heart will not heal by jumping from one connection to another and you cannot rely on other people to improve problems with yourself. Work with yourself first, because someone else can't love you if you can't love them back, and you'll be able to return love when your heart is ready.


Your broken heart has not healed because you have not been out of your comfort zone since the injury. You have stayed in the place and not moved forward, you feel comfortable where you are, but you deserve more than just comfort. You deserve laughter and true joy and happiness and you are not finding them, because all you ask for is okay.

Take risks and see that you will feel better than just good. Taking risks is scary, but overcoming fear is what helps you grow, learn, and gradually heal.


You have not yet understood and acknowledged your mistakes. You don't have to feel bad or guilty about the mistakes you made, but at least you have to admit them. We all think about it from time to time and you are no exception. Hold yourself accountable for what you did wrong and it will help move you forward.


You can't let go of all the things you did wrong. You are tough with yourself and have always been, but the mistakes you made in your last relationship do not deserve all the attention you are giving them. Forgive yourself for everything you did wrong and realize that you are allowed to do wrong. You're not a bad person because you're wrong. You are human and mistakes are inevitable. All you can do is admit your mistakes and try not to repeat them.


You didn't spend enough time with yourself. Surround yourself with people because the idea of being alone terrifies you, but being alone doesn't necessarily mean you are lonely. There is a big difference between the two. It can help your heart heal. Immerse yourself in your feelings and give yourself time to think.


You keep lying to everyone about yourself that you've gone through everything, but you don't realize you're just lying to yourself. You have convinced yourself that you are moving forward simply because you will not cope with the feelings associated with your previous relationship. Your feelings are very similar to your problems, they will not disappear until you face them. Know the feelings you have about that relationship that break your heart and try to understand why you have them.


You think running away will solve everything. You are wandering and so have always been, but waiting for a place to heal your broken heart can be superfluous. You can fly all over the world, but you can't escape a sore heart.


Your broken heart hasn't healed because you're too proud to admit it's broken. You are a serious person and you do not like to express your weaknesses openly, but you are not weak because you have a broken heart, you are human. The fact that you tried to love is a triumph in itself, because it takes courage to open your heart and strength to admit that someone has destroyed it. Possess your heart broken, don't deny it. Once you do that, you can take steps to heal it.


You keep asking yourself why. Why did the bond end? Why did he / she do this and why did you do it? Every 'why' you ask about is related to the past and this is stopping you from seeing the potential for love in the future. You are losing every opportunity to move forward with your life because you have not found the answers you are looking for in the past. You asked yourself questions that stop you from moving forward.


Your broken heart is not healed because you expect fate to magically regulate your love life. Healing requires work and the universe cannot do it for you. Take initiatives and understand that you must heal yourself before the world or anyone else does.