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How each of the horoscope signs wastes time

Shkruar nga Anabel

13 NĂ«ntor 2019

How each of the horoscope signs wastes time

We're all guilty of delaying the work we've got to do (maybe except for you Capricorn), but how do any of the signs choose to waste time when in fact they should be doing something useful?

Aries enters a political debate on Faceboook.

Taurus cleans the kitchen like crazy and starts planning a dinner with friends.

The twins call a friend to (gossip) ask how it is.

The crab starts writing an email, saves it on drafts, fixes it, reopens it, corrects it, saves it on drafts.

The lion goes shopping and ends up buying everything.

Virgo makes playlists, arranges the wardrobe, arranges the bag.

Libra stops to shoot a selfie and ends up in a photo service that eats half the day.

Scorpio unwittingly accesses his ex-boyfriend's Instagram, spends 3 hours chasing him online.

The Sagittarius begins and reads something, whatever.

Capricorn does not understand why people should waste their time in vain.

Aquarius goes to the gym for a quick run. Stay tuned for cardio and abdominal muscles.

The fish schedule an "urgent" massage or yoga session.